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Getting Communities Connected

Bridging the digital divide nationwide.


Local community events held all across the United States to ensure we can get all our communities connected, wherever they may be.


Our communities are at the heart of Maxsip Telecom with our goal of making sure communities can access the resources and support they need for work, school, healthcare and other daily necessities.


At Maxsip Telecom our vision is to create the Max quality of life for everyone, by providing free access to a high-quality online.

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Oct 17, 2023 | Queens, NY

The Internet is a huge aspect of our life, and we can't avoid it. It has become so ingrained in our daily lives that it is difficult to picture existence without it. As we have already seen what we would miss without free internet service, can you imagine a life without it? Besides, you wouldn't have landed on our post if you didn’t have internet...

Oct 2, 2023 | Queens, NY

Unfortunately, many of us cannot afford to use the internet and miss out on a million benefits that the internet offers. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is an FCC benefit program that helps eligible families afford internet each month. Families who qualify for the ACP can also receive a tablet from specific providers such as Maxsip Telecom...

July 21, 2023 | Queens, NY

Why is the internet so important and such an essential part of our lives today? What role does internet access play in shaping our modern lives? Why is our time called ‘the Internet Age’?​ The answers to all of these questions lie in how much value the internet can provide for free to so many people at the same time...

July 19, 2023 | Queens, NY

The internet may seem like a luxury when you struggle to make ends meet. However, we all know that these days, an internet connection is a necessity, partly because it provides access to healthcare services and education. This is why the Federal Communications Commission...

June 21, 2023 | Queens, NY

Access to high-speed internet has become indispensable for education, employment, and communication. Unfortunately, many individuals and families nationwide still face barriers to obtaining affordable internet services. Recognizing the importance of bridging this digital divide, Maxsip....

May 8, 2023 | Queens, NY

Internet access plays an increasingly important role in today’s society. It helps us at our jobs, follow the news, and stay connected with neighbors, family, and friends. However, not being able to afford the internet can be devastating, both socially and professionally. This post guides you on how to get an...

May 5, 2023 | Queens, NY

In today's digital age, internet access has become a necessity, but not everyone can afford it. Low-income families, in particular, often struggle to keep up with the cost of internet services. To bridge this gap, several initiatives have been launched to provide free internet to those who are struggling to make ends meet...

"Yeah, my tablet was acting kind of funky so I called up the customer service and there was basically no wait time. The girl on the phone was able to fix it up so quickly. Thanks a ton y'all the tablet and the internet is working like a breeze!"

- Clayton Gonzales

"I got a tablet for my son Kelvin and it worked perfectly! He loves playing his games on it and it was honestly too simple to set up. Don't even get me started on the free internet! You guys are the best, lots of love from Arizona!"

- Darrell Sutton

"I got my mom one of these tablets and she loves it, she uses it for everything now even for taking pictures! I really appreciate how easy you made everything for us, we will definitely spread the word!"

- Debra Alvarez

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