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How To Get An Affordable Tablet with Internet Access
By J.B | May 08, 2023

Internet access plays an increasingly important role in today’s society. It helps us at our jobs, follow the news, and stay connected with neighbors, family, and friends. However, not being able to afford the internet can be devastating, both socially and professionally.

This post guides you on how to get an affordable tablet with internet. At Maxsip, we’ll get you an affordable tablet with internet access (or just free internet–you can decide!). But you must first meet one of several criteria to qualify. Read on to see which programs apply to you. Read on to learn more!

Do you Qualify for an Affordable Tablet with the Internet?

You can if you qualify for at least one of these programs.

1. Federal Pell Grant

The U.S. federal government provides a subsidy called the Pell Grant. It's for a low-income student who needs money for college. Also, it's for students who haven't earned a professional degree or their first bachelor's degree. So, if you, your kid, your family member, or someone in your community has received a federal Pell Grant in the current award year, you can apply for free internet and an affordable tablet.

2. Lifeline FCC Internet Subsidy

You can apply for our free tablet with the internet if your family's income is less than or equal to 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, Usually, you can get a $9.25 per month discount on this scheme. If you are eligible to get this discount, you can get a free tablet. With ACP program, you may get discounts, and with Maxsip Telecom, you can apply for a compatible device like an accessible tablet and sim card.

3. The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or the School Breakfast Program (SBP)

NSLP offers meals to public, non-profit private schools, and residential childcare institutions. The program aims to provide a nutritionally-balanced lunch to children at school. If your kid benefits through NSLP or SBP, you can apply for an ACP free tablet. You can also avail yourself of free internet if your area falls under the Community Eligibility Provision.

4. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP is a federal nutrition assistance program that helps eligible low-income individuals with a debit card purchase food in authorized stores. If you get benefits under this program, then you are eligible to get a free tablet through the ACP program.

5. Medicaid

Medicaid provides health benefits and coverage to eligible low-income individuals, kids, pregnant women, seniors, and people with disabilities. You are eligible for free internet and a tablet through the ACP if you receive Medicare.

6. Federal Public Housing Assistance

Federal Public Housing Assistance is a program in the United States that provides low-income families, elderly individuals, and individuals with disabilities with affordable housing. The program is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and it also provides assistance to families who cannot afford to pay for their housing on their own.

7. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal income assistance program in the United States that provides financial support to people with disabilities and seniors with low income and limited resources. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides a basic income to help eligible individuals meet their basic needs, including food, shelter, and clothing.

To be eligible for SSI, an individual must have a disability, be 65 years of age or older, or be blind. Additionally, the individual must have limited income and resources. The income and resource thresholds for eligibility are adjusted annually and vary by state.

8. WIC

WIC stands for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. It is a federal assistance program in the United States that provides nutritious foods, nutrition education, and support to low-income pregnant and postpartum women, infants, and children up to age five who are at nutritional risk.

9. Veterans' Pension or Survivor Benefits

Veterans' Pension or Survivor Benefits are financial assistance programs provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to eligible veterans and their surviving spouses. The programs provide a tax-free monthly cash benefit to help eligible individuals meet their basic needs.

The Veterans' Pension Program provides a monthly cash benefit to wartime veterans who meet certain income and asset requirements, as well as age and disability criteria. The program is designed to provide assistance to veterans who have limited income and resources and who served during a period of war. If you get these benefits, you can also get an affordable tablet and internet access.

How Can Maxsip Telecom Help Your Community?

At Maxsip Telecom, we aim to offer every low-income family or community free Internet access and a compatible device like a tablet. For communities, you can check the above criteria and get an associable tablet, sim card, and mobile hotspot for a one-time $50 copay.

If you don't belong to a community but fit the eligibility criteria, you can still benefit. In such a case, you can also opt for a 20$ one-time copay that will offer a tablet and a free sim card with 4G Internet. You can also get a free sim card without paying anything if you are on a tight budget.

So, apply here and say yes to a life with internet access, free communication, access to information, and job opportunities.

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