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With the Affordable Connectivity Program, qualifiers are able to access their Torah Anytime at their fingertips.

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With Free Internet Access we Can Truly Learn Torah Anytime

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is an FCC program that helps families and households get connected to free internet. This new benefit will connect eligible households to jobs, healthcare services, virtual services and even access religious resources.
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Maxsip Brings the Torah to Your Fingertips

Maxsip Telecom and Torah Anytime come together to provide qualifying individuals free internet access to use not only for work, school, and healthcare but to also access the Torah whenever one may need. Torah Anytime is a multi media platform that provides Seminars, Informational's, Divrei Torah, and events relating to Jewish teachings and topics. Together with the Affordable Connectivity Program we can provide qualifiers free internet to access a plethora of resources along with connecting to the Torah at any given time.

Affordable and Reliable Free Telecom Services

Maxsip Telecom is a leading provider of free internet and telecommunication services to people in need. We offer free internet and 4G internet Android tablets for a one time $20 copay to those who qualify for free internet. This is a great solution for individuals who are looking for a cost-effective way to connect to the internet. With our free internet data connection, you can access all your favorite websites, apps, and social media platforms without any restrictions.
One of the key benefits of Maxsip Telecom is our assurance of providing you with free high-speed internet. You can receive free high speed internet and a tablet for a one time copay when you sign up for Maxsip Telecoms services. This tablet comes with a free 4G data plan that allows you to stay connected without worrying about data charges. You can easily use this tablet or phone for all your internet needs, and with our reliable network, you can expect fast and stable connections.
Customers that qualify get free data and a tablet with free internet access when they sign up. This tablet is equipped with all the latest features, and you can use it to browse the web, stream videos, and much more.
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