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Get a FREE tablet*
with high speed internet!

Yes! its awesome and made possible by Maxsip Telecom through Affordable Connectivity Program.

This is an FCC benefit program that ensures households can afford the broadband for everyday connectivity need such as school, work, healthcare and more.

$20 co-payment required

You’re qualified!

if you belong or have any of the following

Free or Reduced School Lunch, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, WIC, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Recipients or the federal Pell Grant, Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefits; Total household income is within 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines; any member has a tribal ID.


a Lifeline during pandemic

Who would have thought that the world slowed down as Covid 19 gave us an unimaginable scare making the people hide and separated however this created an increased need to connect virtually as we continue with our lives such as in schools, work , government , retail stores and etc moving forward?

Based from a 2021 survey of Pew Research center, “90% of Americans say that internet has been essential or important to them, many made video calls and 40% used technology in new ways. But while tech was a lifeline for some, others faced struggles.” Lucky for those who have quickly adjusted and adapted to the change but what about those that faced some challenges?

Maxsip Telecom has seen this issue and helps address this through Affordable Connectivity Program by providing the students free tablets* with high speed internet. If you know anyone who qualifies and will benefit from this program, don’t hesitate to share this good news for them!

*$20 co-payment required

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